The Empress Is a Net Red Meow [Ancient and Modern]

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Seeing that Liang Liang did not eat, Shang Yuxiu just shrugged his shoulders and withdrew his hand without any concern. He seemed to ask casually, "Where did Liang Liang go?"? Have you had breakfast? An Rongxu said lightly, and the tone of the last sentence was full of your helplessness: "I don't know. I should have eaten it. She used to eat it." Liang Liang silently rolled himself into a ball, covered up the cat food that had been more than half empty, and glared angrily at An Rongxu. I'd better ask. What if she doesn't eat? She doesn't have a good breakfast in M country. In the face of Anrong Xuxiu's loving behavior, Shang Yuxiu also smiled to fight back. After that, he really picked up the phone and pressed the dial button. Liang Liang did not expect that Shang Yuxiu still had this skill. Before he could rush to his mobile phone and forcibly shut it down, the ring of the mobile phone rang. An Rongxu has not yet said, Shang Yuxiu's face is a little strange, he really thought Liang Liang was not at home at first, but he dialed the phone at one moment and blocked the door at the next moment, people are not in the mobile phone but in this logic can not be justified. Liang Liang bowed his head in despair and buried his head between his paws, reflecting on how he had accomplished the feat of losing his vest twice in three days. 84,inflatable amusement park, eyes meow.. Chapter 82 However, Liang Liang's self-deceiving behavior did not last long before it was mercilessly exposed by An Rongxu. Liang Liang's big eyes flooded with tears and looked at Shang Yuxiu in an attempt to be lenient. However, before his eyes looked at Shang Yuxiu, An Rongxu turned it back with displeasure. Why are you so jealous now! If you don't have a good attitude, you may lose me forever. Do you know the seriousness of the problem? Liang Liang looked up and grabbed Anrongxu's nose, trying to alarm him,Inflatable outdoor park, but Anrongxu grabbed his paw and pressed the pink pad on his lips. Warm and moist, some itching touch from the paws under the meat pad faithfully passed back, Liang Liang's angry and anxious mood calmed down, ear tips trembling down the eyes. Seeing that Liang Liang's attention had finally shifted to his own body, An Rongxu's tense complexion softened a little. He went to the second bedroom and took out the cell phone that had been ringing all the time and pressed it. Then he threw his eyes at Shang Yuxiu, who wanted to explain to him: "This is my cell phone. It's bound to Liang Liang's call transfer and private number. I laughed." Shang Yuxiu stared at the mobile phone in Anrongxu's hand. The pure white shell was not decorated too much. It was reasonable to say that it was Anrongxu's. Moreover, he had lived abroad for a long time and did not know whether there was such an item in the domestic communication business at all. But looking at the magnanimous and calm expression, it should be true. Otherwise, it can't be explained that one second the little guy answered his phone at home, and the next second he disappeared. Although very uncomfortable an Rongxu and Liang Liang such excessive intimacy, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable water park on lake, but now is their own abrupt, Shang Yuxiu is not good to say anything, had to admit defeat, accept the fact that Liang Liang may really have something to go out early in the morning. Ha? Is there such an operation? Looking at Shang Yuxiu's obvious belief, Liang Liang looked at his stupid master with a small look of amazement and worship. An Rongxu frankly accepted his girlfriend's adoring eyes, and his vanity was satisfied for a moment. The interaction between An Rongxu and Liang Liang was all seen by Shang Yuxiu. He stared at the cat in An Rongxu's arms with twinkling eyes. Half jokingly, he joked: "An always has a good relationship with your cat. It's not like keeping a pet, but like falling in love." An Rongxu's voice did not refute, but concentrated on the cat in his arms carefully from beginning to end, and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, showing his good mood in the early morning. I don't know why Shang Yuxiu was so upset when he saw this scene. He attributed all this to the fact that he couldn't see his rival in love. So he said with a smile, "Mr. An is really leisurely and carefree. He has time to tease cats and dogs here, but he doesn't have time to manage his website well. It makes us office workers who work overtime and stay up late but make wedding clothes for others look hot.".
Not as good as the beauty of an adult, the website will be directly transferred to my management, or work to do things also have a correct name rather than secretly. An Rongxu turned back and said, "I'm very grateful for Shang Shao's help. I'll formally come to thank you another day. It's necessary to pay you overtime pay. Of course, I can't wronged Shang Shao. I also ask Shang Shao not to condescend to compete with my employees. Otherwise, according to Shang Shao's enthusiasm, Qing Mo should not be able to afford your salary." The two of them talked back and forth about the website and other things in the company. The words were full of gunpowder. They were about to get out of control. At the last moment, the flame suddenly went out, as if the tit-for-tat just now did not exist at all. Liang Liang did not understand these things, see the focus finally shifted from their own to other places, happy to leisurely nest in the warm lap closed his eyes. Breakfast ended in a back-and-forth between the two of them. However, Shang Yuxiu didn't have the posture to walk at all. He actually took out the computer from his briefcase and asked An Rongxu for the WIFI password. He sat in the living room and opened the mailbox and began to deal with official business. He also smiled and let An Rongxu do whatever he wanted. No matter how much an Rongxu released the cold air, killing and vinegar, he would not move. Liang Liang was deeply impressed by Shang Yuxiu's cheekiness. You should know that even Cheng Wei, who had the best relationship with An Rongxu, could not stand the appearance of An Rongxu releasing cold air with a face that strangers were not allowed to approach. Shang Yuxiu could still laugh. He was absolutely a plastic talent. Because Shang Yuxiu was the creditor of the house, Anrongxu was not good at driving people away; he had the cheek to "not understand" Anrongxu's eyes and movements of driving people away. Anrongxi had no way to drive them out. Seeing that the working time was about to pass, he had no choice but to look at Liang Liang. If he does not go, Liang Liang is absolutely unable to stay at home, in case the transformation is discovered by him, that is the fact that ten thousand mouths can not be reversed. Come up with a reason to take me. Liang Liangba looked at An Rongxu. An Rong Xu quietly raised his eyebrows, and before he could say anything,Inflatable meltdown, Liang Liang's cell phone rang again, unwilling to be lonely. Liang Liang: ".." What's going on today? It was as if she had been pulled out of a dark corner and seen the light, and everyone suddenly remembered to call her.


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