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Lin Yu did not know whether to laugh or cry about this deliberate arrangement. He felt that this was no different from restoring the monarchy and returning to feudal society. But there were a lot of big names present, and he didn't show any dissatisfaction. After waving goodbye to Yang Zhilin, he silently looked for his own position. Coincidentally, the seat next to him actually belonged to Jiang Lele, but the girl had not come yet. Seeing this arrangement, Lin Yu smiled and understood that Jiang Lele himself was because of the confrontation between himself and Zhang Yang at the last banquet. He thought to himself, "You won't be a nymphomaniac any more when you see that I'm just the son of a petty official." As time went on, there were more and more guests, and some of the seats where the tables were set up gradually began to be filled. It wasn't long before there were no empty seats. Jiang Lele, dressed in a yellow evening dress, also came. The moment she saw Lin Yu, there was a strong surprise in her eyes. But the look was fleeting and no one caught it. What a coincidence. After stabilizing his mood a little, Jiang Lele greeted Lin Yu. It's a coincidence. Lin Yu answered casually because he was bored while smoking and playing with his mobile phone. Seeing Lin Yu fiddling with his cell phone, Jiang Lele said with a smile, "Didn't you say you didn't have a cell phone last time?" "Oh, this is new." Lin Yu explained that he couldn't remember whether he had a mobile phone in his hand when he attended the banquet last time. "Did you save that numb I gave you?" Jiang Lele still looks enthusiastic. Seeing each other's attitude is exactly the same as before, Lin Yu feels that the girl is not particularly snobbish. So he opened his mouth and said, "Because I just bought the phone, I didn't save it.". I'll tell you my cell phone number now. After that, Lin Yu reported his mobile phone number to Jiang Lele, which was entirely out of consideration for the other party's face. When they exchanged their mobile phone numbers, the quiet auditorium suddenly became lively. It was Jia Qing, the first playboy in Bincheng, who appeared at the door of the auditorium with two female stars, Lin Yaqing and Wang Bing. Although all the people who attended the party were prominent officials in Bincheng, they were shocked by the sudden appearance of two domestic first-line stars. Feeling his face shining, Jia Qing tidied up his black suit and then made a gentle gesture and said, "Two beauties." In the eyes of many people, the two female stars walked into the venue step by step with elegant steps. It has to be said that they have a good grasp of some details because they have attended this kind of party many times. From the expression to the action, all of them are very perfect. It seems that it has the style of a big star and is not a potential affinity. Many officials of the second generation feel like a spring breeze,oil dropper bottle, if not for the fact that they are at the government dinner, some young boys and girls will definitely rush up to ask for autographs. In the eyes of some officials who hold real power, there is a strange look. Looking at the two big stars who overwhelmed the audience, Lin Yu thought of Xiao Qiangwei. In contrast, he felt that Xiao Qiangwei was simply an ordinary girl next door without the airs of a star. Chapter 117 Jia Qing's overbearing. In contrast, Lin Yu felt even more, 'I just like music, I just like singing.' The innocence of Xiao Qiangwei's heart is particularly rare, as clean as the Norwegian forest and unpolluted by secular impurities. Hey, why don't you seem to be interested in these two beautiful stars? When Lin Yu was slightly lost in thought, Jiang Lele beside him said with a smile. Lin Yu took one look at Jiang Lele and nodded and said, "I really don't feel that the leech is also close to the emperor!"! ? It's not just groupies who like female stars. Look at those young men and officials, their eyes are falling out! Jiang Lele put his hands on the table and looked at the men present with interest. Lin Yu followed her eyes and sure enough! Almost everyone's eyes were on Lin Yaqing and Wang Bing. Most men's eyes are full of the color of Chiguoguo. By the way, Jia Qing, dressed in a black suit with his hands in his pockets, 16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps ,Oil Dropper Bottle, also became the focus of everyone's attention. After standing in the doorway for two or three minutes, he led the two actresses to the table where the city leaders could sit. But at this time, apart from Jia Quanhe, the most prestigious secretary of the municipal party committee, he had not yet appeared.
Including Wang Daoquan, director of the Public Security Bureau, Zhan Chengbo, director of the Organization Department, Zeng Cheng, director of Personnel Bureau, Zhang Kailai, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Guo Wenshun, and Yang Xiong, vice mayor, are all in place. And no one was prepared to make room for him. Only Guo Wenshun, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Zhan Chengbo, Director of the Organization Department, Zhang Kailai, Director of the Urban Management Bureau, who belonged to his father Jia, stood up and greeted him with a smile. After all, for these people, Jia Qing, the son of the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, is equivalent to the existence of a prince. Looking at this scene, Jia Qing smiled coldly, shook hands with the leaders who had a lot of say in the city, and introduced the two elegant female stars to them. After all, they are all people with status and represent the official image of Bincheng. Several leaders behaved appropriately when greeting the two beauties. As the focus of the audience, the two female stars performed with ease, as if they were high above the masses. After a brief introduction, Jia Qing stood up and slapped his eyes on the table with a loud clap. While shaking a lot of tableware to the ground, he glanced at Wang Daoquan, director of the Public Security Bureau, and glanced at Zeng Cheng, director of the Personnel Bureau, and Yang Xiong, vice mayor. Playfully, he opened his mouth and said, "I said, are you high-ranking officials taking the lead in carrying forward your style?"? Is it not good to let the beauty stand upright here? He said this in a loud voice, and the people at several tables nearby could hear it clearly. Many people began to talk in a low voice, thinking that Jia Qing was a little too arrogant. Wang Daoquan, director of the Public Security Bureau, had a fiery character. When he heard Jia Qing's provocation, how could he stand it? He stood up and scolded,30ml Dropper Bottle, "Little bastard, is this the place where you are fooling around?"? I tell you that even your father Jia Quan dare not say that to me! ? What can you do if I say so? I tell you not to rely on the old and sell the old with me here! Jia Qing replied with a sneer, apparently ignoring the powerful police chief. penghuangbottle.com


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