Struggle for the secret of God

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Lin Yu stiffened in embarrassment, thinking that he had met a dragon who regarded himself as a companion or was in heat. He moved his body slightly, and the black dragon looked down at him, then let out a short dragon chant, and then put him on his stomach. The waist is pressed by the dragon claw, the whole person lies down on the black dragon body, Lin Yu looks up uncomfortably, the black dragon throat sends out the sound of gurgling, seems to be very happy. Then Lin Yu saw it close its huge eyes like a copper bell. He tried to struggle, and the black dragon's claws moved, as if to make sure he was in his arms. This kind of scene let Lin Yu feel better to deal with some, he pondered again. This dragon is naturally huge for him, but not necessarily for the same race. Moreover, the dragon was somewhat simple in both behavior and eyes, and Lin Yu suspected that he was not being treated as a companion, but as a toy. This may be a young dragon who is not deeply involved in the world. So now the situation of two people can be compared to the situation of human children sleeping with dolls. Lin Yu, who felt that he was not in danger for the time being, was relieved to be treated as a toy. The dragon seemed to see that he was vulnerable, and his claws were a little loose. Lin Yu lay quietly in the crevice for a while, fiddling with the tiny dragon scales on his claws from time to time. This is a real dragon, and Lin Yu, who has been living in the modern age of believing in science, also feels very strange. But now the most important thing is still to be solved-where did Qin Shen go? When he was brought into this secret place, he did not see each other again, perhaps he was sent to a different place at the moment he entered, but the first thing he needed to do was to find Qin Shen, but where to start? Held in his arms by the Black Dragon, Lin Yu had nothing else to do for a while and soon fell asleep. In the dream, his consciousness gradually became clear. His eyes were no longer a dark cave, but a tunnel of light. He followed the light,small gold wash plant, which became brighter and brighter, until he saw a familiar person at the end. Lin Yu wanted to call out in surprise, but when he opened his mouth, he found that he could not speak at all, as if he had lost his voice. Not far away, Qin Shen was lying leisurely on the stone bed. Like him, there was also an animal accompanying him. What was completely different from him was that Qin Shen had a well-behaved fox in his arms. His fur was white with red. His natural beautiful eyes were blinking, full of spirit, and his face showed a very satisfied expression. And Qin Shen, who helped him follow the hair, also had a smile on his face, and one person and one fox were very harmonious. Lin Yu did not know what was going on, he wanted to walk over, but his feet could not move, as if he had been stuck to the ground. Unable to make a sound or move, Carbon in Pulp ,gold shaking table, Lin Yu broke out in a sweat and woke up from his dream. When he woke up, he waved his hand twice unconsciously and poked the dragon's claw, which made the black dragon wake up. With a blank look on his face, he blinked and put his head on his stomach. Staring at by those huge eyes, Lin Yu was a little hairy after all. He wiped his sweat and smiled at the huge head in front of him. The black dragon gave a gentle roar, then stuck out his tongue, and this time he licked it directly at Lin Yu's face. Don't-don't- It's too late. Lin Yu was licked twice by the big tongue, the whole face is saliva, dumbfounding, but a little helpless. Suddenly, the black dragon turned up, Lin Yu almost fell from its body, fortunately by the other side of the claw hoop waist, did not fall. Black Dragon put him on the ground, to be exact, Lin Yu was thrown directly from half a meter. The buttocks landed again, Lin Yu suspected that the system had a grudge against his buttocks, how could he be hurt every time? He gave a short cry of pain, and the black dragon quickly came up to him, as if a little nervous, as if he realized that he had hurt Lin Yu, and he wanted to stick out his tongue and lick each other. But Lin Yu no longer wants to be baptized by the big tongue, directly stretches out the hand to block in front of oneself. But one of them misunderstood his meaning and licked his palm decisively.
…… Stay a few, black dragon flying body prance up, quickly drilled into the side of the puddle, thick and long tail splashed a huge splash, some drops of water fell directly on the body of Lin Yu. After the Black Dragon left, Lin Yu was the only one left here. He got up quickly, looked around, and groped around the place. The cave was so big that it took nearly half an hour just to observe it roughly. Lin Yu learned from the people in the martial arts drama to knock on the stone wall, the stone sent out a stuffy echo, not like hollow. After a round, there seemed to be no hole, and he did not find any mechanism. That is to say, it is almost completely sealed, and perhaps the puddle is the only source. Lin Yu returned to the puddle and looked steadily at the water. The surface of the water was so calm that no one could see anything unusual. If he hadn't seen the black dragon drill into it, no one would have cared about the puddle that looked ordinary on the surface. At that moment, Lin Yu's waist sank. He touched it and found that it was a task disc. When he took it out, he was surprised. It says on the disc: Task 3: Confess to the character Black Dragon.?! Just as Lin Yu had not yet recovered from this terrible task, there was another Ding Dong. System error. Correcting. Lin Yu breathed a sigh of relief. The new task was quickly sent over. Task 3: Confess to the character Black Dragon. In fact, there is no difference at all. There was a splash of water. The black dragon came out of the puddle, and a large amount of water slipped from its body, wetting the ground. However, it was not a dragon that came back alone. It had something in its mouth. When the black dragon climbed to his side, Lin Yu found that it was a skunk. The black dragon bit the skunk's body with sharp teeth, divided the food into two halves, then pushed half of it to Lin Yu, gave a short cry,gold CIP machine, and stared at each other with his eyes, the meaning of which was obvious. Although the other side's behavior made Lin Yu feel very warm in his heart, he could not eat the bloody half of the skunk at all.


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