A song settles the country.

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"You!" Qu Dingxuan was furious: "What Aileen? I am Qu Dingxuan. I am the fake Qu DingXuan. You can't imagine. It's been more than ten years, and I still have one day to come back." Qu Jifeng advised Qu Dingxuan to be more restrained, but she was so angry that she couldn't hold back. She just shouted and chattered. When she had said enough, she turned around and said slowly, "What does it have to do with this palace whether you come back or not? Qu Dingxuan, if you know how to practice, you can spend the rest of your life in Shangshu Mansion. Don't think about it. Otherwise, this palace can't guarantee what you will do." "Do you think I'll be afraid of you if you say that?" Qu Dingxuan smiled proudly: "Now that I have come back, I will take back everything that belongs to me. My father must have told you that I want to be a concubine in the palace!" Without waiting for Awa to speak, she blocked the way out in advance: "You can't refuse me, or I'll reveal that you entered the palace under my name. When the time comes, you won't even be able to save your life, not to mention the imperial concubine!" Awa looked at her for a long time, until she looked at the heart of the hair, suddenly covered his lips with a smile, moving expression: "You say so this palace is not very afraid to show?" With this in mind,Warehouse storage racks, she walked up to Qu Dingxuan and stroked her face slowly with her hand in armor. "Have you ever looked in the mirror?" She whispered. "Eh?" Qu Dingxuan couldn't understand what she meant for a moment and couldn't answer. She continued, "You didn't want to enter the palace more than ten years ago, but more than ten years later, you told the palace here that you wanted to enter the palace as a concubine. Do you know how funny it is for the palace to hear it?"? Can't you see in the mirror that you're wrinkled and old? And even the perfect body has been lost, so what qualifications do you have to enter the palace to make the emperor like you? "You're talking nonsense!" Qu Dingxuan blushed with anger from embarrassment: "If you hadn't taken my place, would I have become like this? You owe me everything. If you still have a little conscience,Cantilever Storage rack, you should pay me back, instead of being sarcastic here!" In her eyes, only people owe her, there is no reason for her to owe people. Awa stared at her in silence for a moment, and finally passed away with a smile floating on the surface. It was like a butterfly flying away silently. The only thing left was indifference: "In those days, you eloped with people for your own selfish thoughts, regardless of so many lives from top to bottom in the Qufu. If this palace hadn't entered the palace for you, your whole family would have fallen to the ground long ago. Now, when you come back down and out, you not only don't know how to be grateful, but also because you saw this palace In the position of the imperial concubine, Steel racking system ,Pallet rack upright, she became greedy and intended to get everything back. Qu Dingxuan, you only see the surface scenery of this palace, but do you know how much this palace has lost and how much it has sacrificed? The world is not so let you take whatever you want, from the moment you missed, it is doomed not to turn back! In the last sentence, she said firmly that there was no room for manoeuvre. Hum, Joe, you can't frighten me. Now I ask you for the last time. Are you willing to let me enter the palace? Qu Dingxuan still does not give up, also does not recognize own weight, straight thought that the whole world should revolve around her. Awa, who had already turned around, looked back and saw a glittering ray of light in the sun. "From the day I entered the palace on your behalf, I was the real Qu Dingxuan. Today, you came back for wealth and honor. You are just a homeless person. What qualifications do you have to negotiate with me here?" "Aren't you afraid I'll expose your identity and ruin your head?" Qu Dingxuan still refused to give up and wanted to threaten again, but she could not threaten Awa, who had been living in the harem.
"Qu Dingxuan, if you are willing to use yourself and the heads of dozens of people in Qufu to gamble with this palace, then this palace is willing to accompany you!" With that, she ignored the exasperated Qu Dingxuan behind her and left. The soft-soled palace shoes with crystal beads paused when they passed Qu Jifeng: "Lord Qu, I still call you father now. I hope you and your daughter don't do anything that crosses the bottom line of this palace!" Now she does not need to rely on the strength of the Qu clan, but the Qu clan is relying on her, she has the ability to get rid of Qu Jifeng to avenge her mother, the reason why she has not started yet, but is waiting for a suitable opportunity. It was not until she had left for a long time that Qu Jifeng sighed and said, "Xuaner, you should give up the idea of entering the palace. She won't agree." Qu Dingxuan also gradually calmed down at the moment, but it did not mean that she was willing to accept her fate: "Her refusal does not mean that others are unwilling. I am in this palace. Father, you just saw her superior appearance. You are not in my eyes at all. I really can't swallow this tone!" Qu Jifeng was silent. In the past two years, he has changed a lot. He is no longer as easy to master as before. What's more, he still hides a frightening secret in his heart! Chapter 49 Dripping Blood (1) She went back to Chenggan Palace. After sitting down, Fang Changchang breathed a sigh of relief. Her delicate makeup could hardly hide her tiredness. She rubbed her forehead and asked softly, "Master, if Miss Qu insists on entering the palace, what should we do?" Ten years is enough for Awa to fully understand a person's temperament. She shook her head wearily, closed her eyes and said, "I don't know. I never expected that Qu Dingxuan would come back this day. I didn't expect that she would be anxious to enter the palace as soon as she came back." At this point, she suddenly remembered one thing: "By the way,long span shelving, how is Chen Xiao? I heard Ruan Jingzhao say that he suddenly had a stomachache." "Yes, just before the master left the palace, Chen Xiao somehow suddenly had a terrible stomachache. He went into the toilet and couldn't get out. He went to see the doctor. The doctor said that he had eaten a bad stomach and had a rest." 。 omracking.com


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