Breaking the Sky by Tiancan Potato

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작성자 Meng Liao
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As soon as the pink flame appeared, the surrounding space was rapidly distorted. However, the flame suddenly wriggled automatically, and immediately, in the shocked eyes of Xiao Yan and Xuner, it turned into a baby only half a foot in size. Ewa! Ewa! As soon as this little fire baby appeared, the big eyes with pink flames looked at Xiao Yan, and then stretched out their meaty little hands, hugged Xiao Yan's palms, and kept rubbing over and over, looking particularly intimate. This Xiao Yan and lavender are staring at the fire baby, the latter is not big, slightly larger than the palm, but it looks like a small ball of meat, a towering braid on the top of the small head, a small pink bellyband on the body, showing a naked buttocks, in its small face and forehead, there is a pink lotus fire print, looks very cute. At least, one side of the lavender, beautiful eyes are already a lot of waves flowing, a look of maternal love overflowing. Ewa! Ewa! When Xiao Yan and lavender were dull for this change, the fire baby shook Xiao Yan's palm back and forth,cantilever racking system, and made a tender and strange voice in his mouth. What's going on here? Xiao Yan also came to his senses at this time, looking at the fire baby who held his palm and did not let go, and said blankly. However, for his confused question, lavender also shook his head, hesitated for a moment, and then said: "Is this the new flame in your body with a variety of different fires?" In Xiao Yan's body, if you add the pure lotus demon fire, there are six kinds of different fires. Now all six kinds of different fires are fused together. No one knows what will happen. After all,industrial racking systems, in this world, no one has ever tried to fuse the six different fires together. Smell speech, Xiao Yan is also thoughtful, looking at the palm of the meaty fire baby, the palm can not help pinching, the soft and greasy touch so that he found that the fire baby is like a real baby, the skin touch, are exactly the same as human beings, and, while touching, he is also aware that he seems to have a strange connection with this little thing. That kind of familiar feeling is generally the same as when controlling the abnormal fire in the body in the past. This thing.. It's really a strange fire in my body. "At this time, Xiao Yan also nodded with a dignified face. He was now sure that this fire baby should be the new fire produced by the fusion of the pure lotus demon fire in his body. But as to why this change happened, even he felt at a loss." I felt some familiar smell on this little thing, as if it was my golden emperor burning Tianyan.. "Xuner also whispered at this time." When refining the pure lotus demon fire, your Jindi burning Tianyan is also involved, which also leads to some of the original fire of Jindi burning Tianyan into my body.. "Xiao Yan explained that his eyes were still staring straight at the fire baby with a towering braid on his palm, and the five different fires in his body were basically completely fused with the pure lotus demon fire. Perhaps it should be said that his original five different fires were blended into the pure lotus demon fire.. Although the number of the previous five kinds of abnormal fire is not small, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,wire mesh decking, but this number, in front of the pure lotus demon fire, obviously does not have any power, so when the abnormal fire in Xiao Yan's body begins to merge with each other, the five kinds of abnormal fire, almost without any resistance, is to be melted into the pure lotus demon fire, if not before the fusion, Xiao Yan has been burning to refine the demon fire. I'm afraid he'll get a taste of what it means to steal a chicken without losing the rice.. "Oh, brother Xiao Yan, I once heard my father say that only a very small number of abnormal fire, after being refined, can be transformed, this little thing, if expected, should be the fire spirit of the new abnormal fire in your body.." Lavender smiled, look at this situation, it seems that it is not a bad thing.
Xiao Yan nodded slightly, and immediately seemed to think of something. The corners of his mouth suddenly twitched, and he said, "Then how can I use the Buddha's angry fire lotus when I fight with people in the future?" He had previously checked the body, the original on-call fire, but disappeared completely, so what else did he take to condense the fire lotus and fight with people? "Yiwa Yiwa!" Hearing Xiao Yan's words, the little thing drooling in his palm lit up its big eyes, and then it raised its little hand, the flame in the palm condensed, and a fire lotus took shape quickly. Fo Nu Huo Lian! Seeing this fire lotus, Xiao Yan immediately even his eyes were bulging out. Buddha's anger fire lotus was his own move. So far, no one has been able to display it except him. However, now this little thing is easily condensed out. That kind of speed, even as the founder of Xiao Yan, is somewhat unable to catch up. This little thing even stole your fighting skills.. "Lavender also covered her mouth and chuckled." Ewa! Ewa! As if to see the shock of Xiao Yan, the little thing's tender little face unexpectedly emerged a touch of pride, two small hands a pinch and a release, immediately a two-color Buddha's anger fire lotus, is continuously formed in its palm, and then floating in its whole body, constantly rotating. Ten Buddhas are angry with fire lotus! Looking at this scene, Xiao Yan once again took a deep breath, one breath condensed ten Buddha anger lotus out, even if he, is never done! Although these fire lilies are only condensed by two different kinds of fire, such a number of them are thrown down in succession, and their power is extremely strong. Ewa! Ewa! However, Xiao Yan's shock did not end. After gathering ten Buddha's angry fire lotus, the little thing made a move, only to see the ten fire lotus collided fiercely, and then quickly merged. In just a moment, a fire lotus that made Xiao Yan and lavender a little moved rose slowly in the flame. Looking at this about half a foot in size, the whole body pink, and even some of the beautiful fire lotus, Xiao Yan's heart,warehouse storage racks, as if it had been severely pinched in general, even breathing, is becoming a little difficult. Destroy.. Fire Lotus 。” 。


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