The judge and his executioner.

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Le was guilty, and thought that what happened was a comedy, which I was supposed to guard against. Stop it from appearing. I don't have any evidence of him. Have you made any progress in this matter? "No," I said. Really not? He asked again. I denied it a second time. You don't trust me? He asked. I don't trust anyone. "Well," he said, "suit yourself. As far as I'm concerned, the Kohler thing is over. My failure is over. That's how a lot of things end for me. I'm sorry. In my line of work. You have to be able to tolerate failure. I suppose it's the same in your line of work. You should pull yourself together, Shi. Pat, make a comeback. "It's impossible," I replied. The people downstairs sang again, "If the gates of hell slam shut and the fires of hell are still smoking, then." Too late. Oh, you little one, the world is falling apart. I had a sudden suspicion and said to the chief of police, "Are you hiding something from me, chief?" He was smoking, staring at me, still smoking, and standing up. "Sorry," he replied, shaking my hand. "Peace to you.". Maybe I work Starting from the business relationship, I want to summon you. "Goodbye, Mr. Chief of Police," I said. The beginning of love: I put down my pen again. I know I can't make any more excuses. I must. To talk of my first meeting with Helena. I have to admit, I love Helena. I have to add I fell in love with her at first sight. The first time we met, we planted the seeds of love. Admit it It's not an easy thing at all, so I can't do it until now. But this kind of love is gone. The law has been obtained. So I have to report this kind of love, which even I have not admitted it. It is possible to achieve,outdoor whirlpool tub, and it can not actually be achieved. Reporting is not an easy task. Now Now, of course, I know that Helena is not who I thought she was, and now I see that she is. What kind of person he is in the world. She is guilty of complicity. Of course I can understand her. She's covering for her. No. The father of humanity, this is human nature. It is unthinkable to ask her to betray her father. Only her confession will destroy the senator. And she would never make such a confession. I After all, she was a legal worker and would not make such a request to her. I have to go my own way. She goes. Her way. I can't deny the impression she left on me, though. As for her, she doesn't fit, and she never did. It is not her fault that she has lived up to this impression. I regret that I used strong words. I know my actions are childish. So is my whoring and binge drinking. She has every right to want it. Whatever it is. I reserved the right to kill her father. If I had caught up with her father at the airport, If I did, then he would be dead, and I would be dead. Then there will be no problem, people in the world. We won't talk about it anymore. I have only one purpose in life, and that is to settle accounts with Kohler. This account also It's simple. One shot will solve the problem. But now I have to wait. I didn't estimate that. Nor does it take into account the amount of mental effort expended. Getting justice is a little different from waiting for justice. I I feel like a madman. I drank a lot, which was just one of the manifestations of my absurd behavior: I seem to be intoxicated with justice. I think I'm in the right, hot tub spa manufacturers ,Chinese spa manufacturer, and it's killing me. I can't get old. Kohler put to death, so I put myself to death. In this crazy situation, I saw Helen and I Tina, I look back on our first meeting. I know I've lost everything. Happiness can't be used. Anything to replace, even if that kind of happiness was originally just a kind of madness, and my madness today is actually In fact, it is sober. I see through the reality. So I recall the past with a heavy heart. I wish Hope to forget, however, I can not do. Everything is so clearly left in the memory, as if it was just sent. Like a raw.
I also heard her voice, saw her eyes, her movements, her clothes. Me, too To myself. Both of us are young, and we have endless energy. Less than a year and a half later, I am old and senile now. We trusted each other at that time. In fact, she should suspect me. That's natural. She must have seen me as nothing more than a money-hungry lawyer, but she never. You trusted me from the beginning. I felt it completely at the time, so I trusted her just as much. I I was willing to help her. Even though we were just sitting opposite each other and talking matter-of-factly, It was a beautiful scene. Now I know, of course, that it's not the same thing, everything is. Faults, dreams, fantasies, to put it crudely, Helena played with me, and played with me on the spot. It was a trick, but at that time, I was in the dark, and I didn't feel it at all, and I felt very happy. "Please sit down, Mr. Speight," she said. I expressed my gratitude. She sat down on a deep leather bed. Fa Li. I sat down opposite her. She was also sitting in a deep leather sofa. Everything is a little old. Strange, this girl is strange, she is about twenty-two years old, brown hair, smiling, moving freely, but And a little shy. There are also many books, heavy desks, and billiard tables with balls in the distance. The sunlight, the garden behind the half-closed glass door through which Helena entered Here you go. She had come with an elderly man named Fuld, who was well dressed. Yes, he was introduced as Kohler's private secretary, and he looked at me silently,jacuzzi suppliers, almost menacingly. Then he went away again, without even saying hello or saying anything. Only left Helena was ashamed of the two of us, and so was I. My hallucinations about her father.


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