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Ling Xiao at that time with Song Mingyue two people out of pairs, in front of him, such as into no man's land, for Qin Feng, this is simply in the constant slap in his face as uncomfortable! At this moment, see from the city of Penzes, unexpectedly six strong breath rising in a row! The two sword emperors beside him said in a low voice, "Six sword emperors!" Qin Feng's face was livid, originally, he also thought, this time if the Ling Xiao was defeated, he was also secretly helping the family! The purpose is not to help the family, really want to add insult to injury! But I didn't expect.. Qin Feng teeth clenched very tightly, a pair of eyes, staring at the direction of Ling Xiao mansion! The two strong sword emperors beside him looked at each other and saw a look of fear in each other's eyes. The Zhe family actually sent out a strong sword and nine strong sword emperors! Such overbearing strength to attack any family school, even if the target is super family, afraid is also to suffer a lot of losses! After all, the strength of that one Jian Zun is as strong as that of many Jian Huang masters! This strength, want to destroy the general second-rate family, is simply between the snap of a finger! In the darkness, there are a lot of breathing are followed by tightening, on the one hand surprised at the strength of the fold home, on the other hand, it is thinking. Such a strong team, how to now,pumpkin seed extract, unexpectedly did not make any movement! This Is everyone's most concerned about the problem, that young Ling Xiao, in the end used what method, let so many sword emperor strong into his mansion, and, there is a sword Zun realm! This This is too powerful! At this time, there was a loud noise in the sky, and the graceful woman had already made a hand with the sword emperor who had stayed behind to guard the family! Immediately after, behind the five sword emperor realm of the master also can not help but say,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, there is no bit embarrassed, are two or three people besieged one person! Gongsun Huang's eyes suddenly brightened and he stared at the old man alone in the air, who was facing a sword emperor of the Zhejia family. He murmured, "The three sword emperors left in the Zhejia family.." It's dangerous! At the same time, there are a lot of strength overbearing people, have seen, Zhe family that three left the realm of the sword emperor realm of strong, the highest strength, but also the third-order sword emperor! Three low-level sword emperors, five low-level sword emperors and one high-level sword emperor. Moreover, it seems that this momentum is all on the side of Ling Xiao! Su Xue eyes red, straight to the murderer who participated in the massacre of the Ye family, graceful posture, like a fairy, in the hands of a sword, killing all over the sky! Sword gas senran, locked in the fold home this sword emperor strong, akba boswellic acid ,tannic acid astringent, with indomitable and fearless momentum, straight stab and come! When Leng Ding saw six masters flying out of the realm of the Sword Emperor, he was scared out of a cold sweat. Unexpectedly, there would be an ambush here.
Also did not see clearly Su Xue appearance, immediately draw a sword to fight, opposite this woman with him as if there is a blood feud in general, fold home this sword emperor master also understood, this woman, must be the daughter of the Su family! He gnashed his teeth and said, "I was lucky to let you run away. Now, you don't want to live to tomorrow!" Su Xue smiled miserably, with a pair of eyes full of hatred! The voice was as cold as eternal ice: "Very good, very good!"! Then take a look.. Who on earth can't see the sun tomorrow! Go to hell Su Xue said, wrist a shake, in the hands of the sword suddenly burst into a very dazzling light, Zhejia this second order sword emperor that pair of eyes did not receive the slightest reaction, and, to the sword emperor this realm of strong, even with closed eyes with mental strength, also can fully perceive anything around life! "You dare to make a fool of yourself even if you have a small skill of carving an insect!" With a cold hum and a simple sword in his hand, the second-order sword emperor of the Zhejia family shot straight at Su Xue's heart, but unexpectedly, suddenly roared and rushed over a figure, because the speed was too fast, with a sound of breaking the air! The figure held a black sword in his hand, swung round, and used it as an iron bar to smash the head of the second-rank sword emperor of the Zhejia family! "Despicable!" The second-rank sword emperor of the Zhejia family saw that the other side did not pay attention to the rules at all, and two sword emperors besieged him alone! Suddenly fell downwind, stabbed Su Xue that sword, hurriedly drew back to resist the other side's great sword. When! The huge sound of gold and iron spread to every corner of Penzes New Town! The sound was so deafening that the civilians shrank in their homes and shrank into a ball of fear! The sky over the new town of Penzes was filled with a very strong murderous look! Even ordinary people feel, there is a kind of cold, inexplicable fear feeling! Not to mention those hidden families and sects who come here to watch the battle. At this moment, almost everyone has only one idea in mind, this time back, if that Ling Xiao does not die. For this secular youth, we should reposition it! Yan Zhao Yu's family stood on the top of a building with pale faces, not to mention Ling Xiao, only the realm of the six sword emperors is strong! You can destroy his Yan Zhao Yu family! Yan Zhao Yu family itself is not in the first class, plus the Qin family island damaged several sword, speaking of, now the strength has been between the second-rate and third-rate, with Ling Xiao, is also a deep enmity, a sixth-order sword, a middle-order sword emperor, and more than a dozen magic sword division, all died in the hands of Ling Xiao. However Several members of the Yu family in Yanzhao looked at each other. They were all livid and silent. Finally, the third-rank Sword Emperor, who had been on the island of the Qin family and had entered the ancient ruins, suddenly aged a few decades in his voice. He said softly, "Let's go. This son has become a climate!"! We are no longer his opponent! Well, let's get out of here! Forget this man and never mention him again! With a heavy sigh! There was a young man beside him who was still a little unconvinced. This young man was the son of Yu Guang of the Yellow Robe. He said, "Why don't you wait? If he is killed by his family, we will get our revenge." The third-rank Sword Emperor of the Yu family took one look at the young man and knew that he was eager to avenge his father. He didn't blame him. He said, "If the Zhe family can kill Ling Xiao,jujube seed powder, we will naturally avenge him. It's useless to stay here. If the Zhe family is so strong, even the Sword Zun appears, but we can't kill that boy. Why should we stay here?"? Waiting for someone to come to us and destroy us? 。


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