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Shaya and others rested in the middle of the night behind the hillside outside the city, dark clouds rolled in the sky, and there was a faint rumbling sound of dull thunder. Then there was a loud click, and a flash of lightning pierced the darkness of the sky, as if a photoelectric axe had cut the sky directly open! With this thunder, the heavy rain came down again, and suddenly between heaven and earth, it was covered by a thick curtain of rain, which was so fierce that it seemed to pour down, crawling on the hillside overlooking the city wall, and the city of Mesta not far away seemed to be in a haze. Such low visibility, but let Xia Ya instead in the heart happy. As the heavy rain fell, most of the small number of torches on the original wall were extinguished, and the light became darker and darker. Visibility is getting lower and lower, Shaya simply stood up on the hillside, anyway, such a thick rain curtain, he did not have to worry about being seen by the people on the city. The crackling rain washed over Shaya's face and immediately soothed his anxiety. Shaya simply raised his head, raised his head, closed his eyes, and felt the dense rain falling on his face. He even pulled open his skirt,saw palmetto extract, exposing his naked chest to the rain, which flowed down his strong chest muscles, and although his whole body was drenched, Shaya felt an inexplicable pleasure. This sudden heavy rain, the last trace of tension before the war to smooth the heart, at this moment Xia Ya re-opened his eyes, the original restless heart has been a calm, but a pair of eyes,carnosic acid price, but instead jumped out of two flames! Another flash of lightning across the sky, the bright light shining on the earth, in this moment, Xia Ya standing on the hillside of the figure clearly fell in front of many cavalry! In the eyes of many cavalry, the young leader, with open skirts, open arms, clenched fists, his face full of evil spirit, looked at the thunderous sky, and his angry expression was so amazing. God bless us! Shaya clenched his fist and shouted at the cavalry amid the sound of rain and thunder. Then he raised a saber in his hand, pointed it to the sky, and shouted, "I know very well that to this day, rosmarinic acid supplement ,phycocyanin spirulina, some of you are still not convinced by me!"! But it doesn't matter! I don't care! I'm here today to give you only one sentence! I am not the other officers of the empire! You follow me to fight! I will only say to you, 'Come with me'! I will never say to you, 'Give me'!!. '! In today's battle, I will rush to the front of you! You will only see the back of Lao Tzu! With that, Shaya jumped down the hillside with several strides, turned over and jumped onto his horse. Under the lightning, he raised his sword and shouted, "Odin will remember this battle today!"! You will remember this battle, too! Mount up! As soon as the sound had fallen, he had ridden out and galloped over the wilderness toward the distant city wall! A large group of cavalry followed, the heavy rain, as well as the sound of thunder, the group of men in the hearts of the blood to stir out! Nene stood at the foot of the hillside, watching Shaya rush out like an angry lion, looking at the back of the far away, Nene clenched his fist. This is my Nene's choice of men! The annoying "rushing" sound of rain filled the world, and the rumbling sound of thunder as if it would never stop. These sounds almost perfectly covered up the sound of hooves. With the extremely low visibility caused by the thick rain curtain, the cavalry of the raid led by Shaya had almost rushed under the wall without being discovered by the defenders! The Odin people, who live in the north all the year round, seem unable to adapt to the continuous rainy weather. It seems that everything is full of moisture. For a month in a row, the weather makes people feel as if their bodies are rusting from inside! Especially the damn rain! Rain! Rain! It's ***ing raining again! Most of the Odin, on such a night, hid in their rooms, corroded by the moisture, as if they felt that their people were rotting away.
Although the gap in the northwest corner of the city wall was not blocked, the Odin people still set up two rows of fences here. Just because of the soaking of the rain, the soil was soft, and many fences had been washed away by the rain. Even riders with better riding skills could control their horses to shuttle through the gaps calmly. The torches were doused by the rain, and it was dark under the wall. When Xia Ya and others rushed to the gate, he immediately reined in his horse and whistled softly, and immediately a figure rushed out of the cavalry, as if an ape had deftly climbed up along the broken wall. The emaciated figure climbed up the wall in almost a moment, and then, soon, two Odin corpses fell from the wall, both with their necks wiped in the dark, and one with a broken arrow in his chest! Then half of his body leaned out of the wall and waved his hand forcefully below. A flash of lightning illuminated the figure, the young and slightly tender face, but it was the Zaku teenager Ah Cai who followed Xia Ya out of the mountain. A Cai was holding a dagger in her mouth. There was blood on the blade. She was wet all over. Her clothes were stuck to her body. The way she stood on the wall and waved her arms fell into Xia Ya's eyes. Xia Ya immediately laughed: "Go in!" The horse's hooves were flying, and it leaped over a fence that had fallen! Most of the Odin soldiers were concentrated in the tower of the gate to shelter from the rain, and as Shaya led his men approaching from the northwest corner, there was a rapid bugle call outside the gate! The standard bugle of the Byzantine army immediately alarmed the Odin in the gate tower, and they rushed out and looked out of the city. Nene led but more than two hundred ride, galloping back and forth in the wilderness under the gate, the cavalry loud clamor whistle, try to make the biggest noise. Visibility is too low, Odin in the dark simply can not see how many Byzantine troops outside the city,stesweet stevia, although the chaos of shouting torches, but in such a heavy rain, it is not easy to make a fire.


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