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The fire girl stepped into the door, feeling uneasy and praying for a hidden occupation. Only from her body began to emit a faint red light, then turned blue, then turned into color, has been with her into the array inside before slowly disappearing. The old immortal showed a sly smile at the moment she entered the gate. "Good disciple, I finally found a successor, and I, the Red Fire Immortal, am finally free.". Don't worry, can the job I found for you be worse? But it's hard for you, and this burden is not light. After talking to himself, he looked at the change of the gate with satisfaction. Inside the fire woman is not good now, the whole body is like being thrown into the stove, the heat is uncomfortable, and there is a breath of chaos, so that she is extremely uncomfortable, a few minutes later, suddenly as if suddenly reached a realm in general,empty lotion tubes, a mirror in my mind, as if the soul put aside the body in general, to see their own body perspective is very clear. Then suddenly a heart-rending pain came into my mind, and my body was about to be divided into two halves. Dead old man, wait for me to go out will not let you go, too painful, the body is about to become two halves,custom cosmetic packing, ah. The fire girl shouted inside, listening to the red fire fairy outside in the heart of a spirit, will not, there is so painful? It seems to be very painful. This little girl has a bad temper. I'd better leave first. Forget it. Just make up for her. With a wave of his hands, a cardboard box appeared on the ground, with a letter under it, and then turned into a wisp of smoke that did not know where to fly. Only one hapless fire girl was left struggling there. Ah Whew..! Finally, the fire girl lay on the ground again, feeling warm in her body, and did not know what had happened. Congratulations to the player Fire Girl for obtaining the hidden profession and becoming the Saint of the Five Elements. As the player's level is not enough, skills and rewards will not be issued for the time being. Please work hard to upgrade. "It's great that it's turned into a hidden profession. It must be very popular, but I just don't know what this profession does. The name sounds very grand, and it's a saint." He was secretly happy when suddenly the prompt of the system came again. Congratulations to the player Fire Girl for obtaining the hidden profession and becoming the messenger in front of the temple. As the player's level is not enough, plastic packaging tube ,cosmetic plastic tube, skills and rewards will not be issued for the time being. Please work hard to upgrade. "What?"? What's going on here? The fire girl opened her status bar and looked at it. Player Fire Girl. Grade: 1 HP:450 MP:480 Attacks: 10 Defense: 5 Constitution: 9 Agility: 10 Energy: 11 Lucky: 2 Glamour: 7 Savvy: 1 Spiritual power: 0 Reputation: 310 Skill: None Supporting skills: None (life skills count as supporting skills) Money: 100 gold coins, 3 silver coins and 21 copper coins Occupation: Not available Equipment: None. In addition to drinking the Kunlun dense wine to increase the attributes, there is no other change, and so on, there is one thing not to see. There's something in the talent column. Player Fire Girl: Talent: Dual Identity. What is a dual identity? Also, my psychic power has changed from a question mark to 0. What's going on? Does it have anything to do with job transfer? No, I have to ask the master what's going on. Also, just now he didn't tell me that it was so painful to change jobs that he had to retaliate against him. Wrong. It was to get some compensation. Master, master, where are you? The gate disappeared when the fire girl was successfully transferred, and the luster of the whole cave disappeared. It was no different from the ordinary cave. I think the aura was all used up by her transfer this time. Out of the cave, the fire girl looked around, but she didn't see the old man. The old man is playing with me. If you don't come out, I won't go to subdue demons! Cried the Fire Lady. She was answered by a slight mountain wind. What is this She found the paper box there and the letter underneath. Fire girl, my disciple, kiss me! This old man is really wordy. I'm the only one here. Can a ghost come and take it away? Not to mention, she was right about this ridiculous idea, but she was lucky.
"The matter has been settled here. I will go to the South China Sea and travel all over the fairy mountains to look for the elixir. I will meet you when you are successful in your practice.". For the teacher to leave a gold jade clothes, as a gift to meet, but also for my disciples suffering today for the comfort of the people. There is a way to get out of the mountain in this box, and other things must not be disclosed to the outside world. The time has come for my disciples to take care of themselves. You have a little conscience, the fire girl said in her heart and opened the box to have a look. Wow! Is this the legendary treasure clothes? The fire girl looked so straight that she suddenly felt the wind around her getting stronger and stronger. Looking out, she felt that all the flowers and trees around her were tilting here, and the infinite spiritual power contained in the treasure clothes was attracting them. The cry is not good, hurriedly closed the box, left an envelope inside the box, the situation is better. Suixin Mantra: It can take you to the place you want to go and have been to anytime and anywhere. Cost 200 mana, cast time 5 sec. Special item, not tradeable. Time limit: 30 minutes. The old man is really stingy, this is a good thing, much better than the transport array, but only one, or task items, the most exasperating is the time limit. Forget it. Let's go back first. I have to hurry up to upgrade. Thinking of this, she spoke loudly, and then a golden light shone on her body, and she returned to the novice village. XIV Dual Occupation (Part Two) "Chief, why did you let her take the precious clothes?"? Isn't that what you've always wanted? What do you know! They are human beings, and we are demons. If I hadn't had a thousand years of Taoism, how could I have come here. Can't you see that the aura around the girl just left is scattered? It's the array laid by the old man of Red Fire. If I take away the precious clothes before the girl, then what's waiting for me is the true fire of Samadhi that can't be extinguished by water. And maybe the old man didn't go far. I'm asking for trouble if I go out. "Well, do you think I can't help it?"? Even if you are thousands of miles away,empty cosmetic tubes, I will get the precious clothes. A great silver-white ape gazed into the distance. Behind them, there are all kinds of birds and animals, tigers and lions. "Go and do great things when you have achieved success in your practice." 。


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