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Autowatch Ghost - Is it Right For Your Car?

Whether you are a parent looking to safeguard their children from harm or a company that wants to monitor their employees, or someone who wants to protect their vehicles There are a variety of options available to choose from. Before you choose there are a few things you need to keep in mind. These include the cost and ease to install, and whether or not it is TASSA approved.

It is easy to install

The Autowatch Ghost is a very useful device which is a great vehicle theft deterrent. It works by creating the unique PIN used for securing the vehicle.

When the car is switched on and on, the device will generate a PIN code for the vehicle. This pin code can also be tapped with the buttons on the steering wheel and the central console.

The vehicle will be locked with this PIN, and the key cannot be inserted. In addition, the vehicle is prevented from starting without the correct PIN.

The PIN can have up to 20 digits long and is compatible with the CAN data bus in your car. Installation is simple and you can alter your PIN at any point.

Autowatch ghost car alarm II is the next generation in vehicle security. It makes use of the latest technology and was developed to work with the majority of vehicles.

The application is available for Android and iOS smartphones. By using encrypted data, the application securely communicates with the ghost immobiliser.

The app has a number of useful features , including automatic folding of the wing mirror and automatic sunroof opening via the key. It also has anti-hijacking and stop and start functions.

It is easy to set up and works with most models and makes. However, if you aren't comfortable with the process of installing the security device, you should consider hiring an expert.

It doesn't require an instrument for diagnosis or cutting wires to make the installation. As a result, it is regarded as a low risk installation.

It is simple to install an Autowatch Ghost II. A trained technician will enter the PIN as normal.

During the process of installation, the technician will make sure that no one is able to view the device. Before leaving the premises, he will hand the customer the instructions and make sure the customer is happy.


The Autowatch Ghost, a smartwatch-styled device, guards your car against hacking and key cloning. It is compatible with a variety of vehicles, including BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Hyundai, Honda and many more.

Ghost is a small, low impact device that is easily installed in your vehicle. It does not transmit radio frequency signals and does not require an indicator light. Instead, it uses Bluetooth to connect to your vehicle.

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser is virtually unnoticeable and is not affected by jamming devices, circuit cuts or codes grabbing technology. It also provides complete security against keyless entry and devices that spoof.

Ghost is a security device with low impact that can be put in any place. It doesn't transmit radio frequency and thieves don't require knowledge to operate it.

The Autowatch Ghost is invisible and weather-resistant. It is programmed with a personal PIN code. The vehicle is unlockable by the owner entering the PIN code through the buttons on the interior.

The Autowatch Ghost will stop the vehicle from being started once the PIN has been entered. As long as the PIN has not been entered again the vehicle will be armed. The Autowatch Ghost can be disarmed by the owner by a combination of buttons.

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser shields you from hacking, keyless entry, copying, and hacking. It also blocks key replacement and spoofing. This device can be used with a variety of vehicles and is professionally fitted.

The Autowatch Ghost can also serve as an ADR Override. This allows the owner to gain access to their vehicle without the need to enter a PIN code. A PIN bypass is the best method to unlock your car.

TASSA approved

Autowatch Ghost is designed to protect your car from modern day key hacking and cloning. This highly-technical, advanced device provides total security against this modern-day threat.

The device works by generating a unique PIN code that is stored in the vehicle's ECU. Only the owner is able to access the vehicle with this PIN.

You can enter your PIN via the steering wheel, or the centre console. An optional Bluetooth-connected device can also be used to communicate.

A certified installation service is required to install the Autowatch Ghost. TASSA has set the minimum standards that installers and engineers to be able to meet, and they will also require that technicians pass a CRB screening.

The Autowatch Ghost was approved by TASSA because it can identify your vehicle. This is an excellent way to prevent theft. This is why insurance companies offer discounts on TASSA approved devices.

In the end, you can install the Autowatch Ghost installed in a large variety of vehicles. It's designed to safeguard against key hacking and cloning, which means thieves won't be able to replace the vehicle's ECU.

The app can be used to swiftly reset your immobiliser. This is a vital safety feature. If an alert is issued by police officers, Ghost Immobiliser they can see live data from your vehicle, which could aid in catching thieves who is in the act.

The Autowatch Ghost II Immobiliser also helps to prevent hacking and key cloning. This is due to the fact that it connects to the International Security Register. The system generates a personal pin code for the driver. This can be programmed using buttons on the dashboard or the steering wheel.


Autowatch Ghost is a TASSA verified vehicle immobiliser system that makes use of your existing keys to guard your vehicle against theft. It uses the CAN Data Network, a modern method of connecting vehicles, to generate an individual pin code that you only know.

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser is a small device that can be inserted into your vehicle. It's designed to work with a wide range of cars and is installed by an expert.

It is used to secure your vehicle from theft but also for increasing vehicle security. This immobiliser is not vulnerable to key cloning, spoofing and jamming.

The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser 2 is an innovative and modern vehicle security solution. The Autowatch Ghost is installed by an authorized installer, which is different from other solutions.

Ghost is a stealth immobiliser that utilises buttons located on the steering wheel and on the doors of the vehicle. These buttons can be used to create a password that is used up to 20 times.

If your vehicle is stolen If your vehicle is stolen, you can use the Autowatch Ghost-II application to access it using a smartphone. This application allows you to quickly unlock your vehicle and turn off the immobiliser.

A PIN code can be used to control the vehicle. The Autowatch Ghost-II application is compatible with iOS and Ghost Immobiliser Android smart phones. But, you must install the application on your iPhone.

The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser, a highly effective vehicle security device, helps to stop cloning and spoofing of your vehicle. It is compatible with a broad range of vehicles and is inaccessible.

Autowatch Ghost-II was designed to make it simple to install and manage your immobiliser. A technician will visit your home and will provide you with a training.

Smartfits App

The Autowatch Ghost app is a great tool to keep you and all your belongings safe inside the car. It is an intelligent immobiliser which utilizes the most recent mobile technology to keep your car running smoothly. The app can be downloaded to your Android or iOS powered device. You can also use the key fob included to access the features. There's also a smartphone app available that allows you to remotely arm the vehicle with the press of a button. This will prevent any unwanted visitors from rummaging through your belongings or, even more importantly, from stealing your keys.

The best part is that the Autowatch Ghost application does not require a monthly subscription fee. It is free to download and will provide an easy experience. You'll also be able to take advantage of an out of hours support service. Contrary to other similar products it is simple to view and use. An app for your mobile device allows you to enjoy your favorite songs effortlessly. It also offers remote locking and unlocking capabilities. So what are you waiting for? Download the Autowatch Ghost app now! Visit their website to learn more. We're happy to answer any questions that you may have!

The Autowatch Ghost app will ensure that you enjoy an uninvolved and secure driving experience. You can also enjoy the thrill of driving in style with the app. A little knowledge goes in the right direction in keeping your vehicle safe and sound. The application has been tested and proven to work with the most well-known cars in the industry. Additionally, the app can be used on both iOS and Android platforms, allowing users to benefit from the synergy between both platforms.


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